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Nak-Sel Boutique Hotel & Spa,
Ngoba Village,
Lango Gewog, Paro.
Kingdom of Bhutan

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Local Hikes

Just beyond the mud walls of Naksel lies the National Forest with endless trails and untouched pine clad hillsides. Journey to Hotel Olathang, the bustling streets of Paro Town, or even to the high reaches of Chelela Pass from the simple start of your hotel room door.


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Taktsang Monastery

The famous Taktsang Monastery, or also known as the Tigerís Nest, lies just across the Paro Valley from Naksel. Rising 1000 meters from the valley floor below, Tigerís Nest proudly stands above the staggering cliffs as the prized pilgrimage destination in the Kingdom of Bhutan.



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Sangchokhar Monastery

The Sangchokhar Monastery, one of several Buddhist colleges in Bhutan, can be seen with ease from every angle of Naksel. Just a short distance from the Hotel, Sangchokhar can be accessed by either car or by hike. The views of Paro Town, Paro Airport and the vast Paro valley from the Monastery cannot be matched.



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Paro Valley

With seemingly endless activities, historic buildings and beautiful surroundings, Paro Valley is rich in culture, adventure, and heritage of this Himalayan Kingdom. From the bustling streets of Paro Town to the ruined fortress of Drugyel Dzong, there is rarely a dull moment in Paro. Take a pilgrimage to the renowned Tigerís Nest or learn of Bhutanís centuries of peace at Ta Dzong, the National Museum and former watchtower of Rinpung Dzong. For the daring, there is surely a round of Archery or Khuru being played from the morning till dusk. For the avid trekker, countless hikes meander through the pine clad hillsides leading to mountaintop monasteries, remote village temples, or high passes such as Chele La. Immerse yourself in Bhutan and choose your Paro Valley Adventure.



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